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    Hello from the IABBR Genealogist.

    Hello and welcome to the IABBR's official website. The IABBR was started by a number of fanciers and established Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog breeders in order to track the genealogy of pure- bred Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs. Our goal is to build a community who's main intention is to help better the breed and promote events and shows along with responsible ownership. The IABBR prides its function on being totally honest and open, with fast paper turn around. We feel that as an Alapaha registering entity, we have a duty to inform the general public of any deception we find regarding the breed and registries, in order to help them make an informed, correct opinion. We have founded the IABBR on high standards of professionalism, transparency and open and honest conduct.
    Competitive shows are only to be judged by outside/impartial/ Professional show judges that have a good understanding of the Alapaha breed standard. A lot of misinformation about the breeds origin and slander of ethical breeders is rife to this day. We step away from the negativity and focus on breed betterment, unity and professional conduct. The IABBR boasts possibly the most comprehensive genealogy database on the breed, allowing us to trace, track and produce papers on many many generations. Not only do we offer round the clock advice on anything from Breeding issues to behavior problems, we also boast a committee of the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs longest standing and most experienced breeders, offering the best breeding and genetic advice possible of any other sole Alapaha registering entity. If you have any questions about the breed or the IABBR, please feel free to contact any one of our board members, they love talking Alapahas and have a long, learned understanding of the breed.

    Our Board members and how to contact them below

    Name: Nicola Brooks (Secretary)
    Location: Essex, United Kingdom
    Telephone: +44 7525 218 167
    Email: sbb@live.co.uk
    Website: www.sbbulldogs.co.uk

    Name: John Whyte
    Location: East Anglia, United Kingdom
    Telephone: +44 7540 274 060
    Email: whytesmithkennels@hotmail.com
    Website: www.alapahas.co.uk

    Name: Carl Haskayne
    Location: Wirral, United Kingdom
    Telephone: +44 151 201 7602
    Email: NECKS@live.co.uk
    Website: NECKS Facebook Page

    Name: Ken Spitzig
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Email: HERE
    Website: www.triplexalapahas.net

    Name: Anna McNamara Kropp
    Location: Ohio, U.S.A
    Email: antalaotra@yahoo.com
    Website: www.eclipsekennelalapaha.com

    Name: Warren Anderson
    Location: So.California, U.S.A
    Telephone: 818 233 5395
    Website: www.bluebloodbulls.com

    Name: Joshua Antoine
    Location: Ohio, United States
    Telephone: 419 481 1510
    Email: Unitedalapahabulldogs@gmail.com
    Website: www.unitedalapahabulldogs.com

    Name: Norman Trotman
    Location: Florida, United States
    Telephone: 786 657 4727

    Name: Thomas Lingren
    Location: California, United States
    Telephone: 760-221-3148
    Email: thomaslingren@gmail.com
    Website: www.lingrenestate.com

    Name: Lee Million
    Location: Darlington, United Kingdom
    Telephone: +44 7525 218 167
    Email: Lmillion@hotmail.com

    Name: Wayne Ford
    Location: Nevada, United States
    Telephone: 818 294 0065
    Email: Wwayne33@yahoo.com

Follow us on twitter, we will be updating our twitter page over the next month, you can find announcement of shows, titles and how to register @IABBR registrar - 10:15 AM yesterday